The Labs

What is Nordix Open Labs [nolabs]

The labs provide a sandbox environment for operators, developers and enthusiasts to work with the latest technologies at the press of a button.

Nordix Open Labs supports a number of technology deployments, currently focused on Kubernetes, and soon OpenStack, software stacks there can be used as a foundation for any combination of technology that you might be interested in working with.

The best way to get started is to simply dive in and start trying things out. The [nolabs] service can spin up a new environment for you in minutes allowing you to focus on working with the platform or application technology of your choice. Once you have an idea of what it is you want to build you can jump into the Nordix Foundation Gerrit to add your combination as an automated deployment, meaning next time you can start where you left off in the same few minutes.

It's free...

The Sandbox environments are provided free of charge to open source enthusiasts, thanks to CityNetwork, but only for a limited time. We can't maintain your environments indefinitely, however as you get going in your DevOps journey you'll find it is easier to create when you need it and destroy when you're finished.

My DevOps Journey

DevOps really starts when you begin to see the software you run as an evolving and changing set of capabilities that you want to be in control of in a flexible and fluid manner. That means lots of changes managed in a controlled way that allow you to quickly create/destroy and iterate on your work, [nolabs] lives in the world of DevOps. As much as possible: everything is automated, everything is tested, everything is repeatable.