Software is everything!

At Nordix Open Labs [nolabs] we believe in open source software, open source software has become the most prevalent tool on the planet for innovation and the development of all new things. Open source software is free for everyone to use, but as Jamie Zawinski was famously quoted "Linux is only free if your time has no value" which can apply to all technology.

It takes time to understand it, leverage it and eventually master it. The big savings in open source is that you don't need to write it all, just give back what you can that adds a little for the next person who will follow your journey.

[nolabs] Software Stacks

When we decided to spend our time to make free software available for free to the Nordix community we had to figure out what would actually be useful. For this we decided to start with the latest cloud technologies as it's most likely anything a software engineer will work on in the coming years will either need to run on or intergrate with a cloud.

Our cloud platforms

We started with a few "simple" stacks.

To start with, Kubernetes is provided straight from the Kubernetes community with the latest features and functionality. Kuberenetes is an easy place to start and it's ready for you in minutes. in fact if you only care about apps you likely want to work with the Kubernetes layer. Kubernetes is new, hyped and highly diverse depending on how you want to build and operate your apps. This makes things a little more interesting as you have a lot of choice on how your Kubernetes stack will look, in [nolabs] we recognise this and as such provide choice. As of today the following flavours are avilable to you in minutes:

  * Kubernetes with Calico Networking
  * Kubernetes with Canal Networking
  * Kubernetes with Cilium Networking
  * Kubernetes with Flannel Networking
  * Kubernetes with Multus Networking
  * Kubernetes with Weave Networking

All the flavors have Helm enabled by default so you just package your application and deploy it on one of the flavors you got from Nordix Open Labs.

In addition to what is available to you right now, we are hard at work to enable new flavors to bring in features like Istio Service Mesh for network hackers and Kubeflow for Machine Learning enthusiasts. In addition to more Kubernetes we're working on brining OpenStack to you on demand as well.

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What's next

Is completely up to you!

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