Getting Started with Nordix Open Labs

Nordix Open Labs [nolabs] provides one-click deployments for developers. In order to be able to use [nolabs], you need to do few things first such as registering to [nolabs] with your mail address, confirming your mail address, and adding your SSH Public Key to your profile.

Registration and Activation

Registration is as simple as opening registration page, typing your mail address, and choosing a password which you will use for logging in to [nolabs].

Once you register, you will receive an email with confirmation link from [nolabs] to activate your account. After clicking the link and confirming your account, the next step is uploading your SSH Public Key.

Adding SSH Public Key to Your Profile

In order for you to make a booking on [nolabs], we need an SSH Public Key to inject to the instances we create for you. Without an SSH Public Key added to your profile, you will not be able to make any booking.

If you have an SSH Keypair already, please open [nolabs] profile page, paste your SSH Public Key to SSH Public Key box, and click Submit button.

If you don't have an SSH Keypair, you can create one by following the instructions based on the operating system you use.

  * On Windows
  * On Linux
  * On MacOS

Once you generate SSH Keypair, you can add public key to your profile using this link.

You are now ready to make your first booking.

Making Your First Booking

Head over to new booking page, choose one of the available flavors, select how long you want this deployment to be available to you and click Submit. Your booking will be handled automatically and you will receive an email with instructions to how to access your deployment.

Accessing Your Deployment

In the mail you receive from [nolabs], you will have username and IP of your deployment so you just need to SSH to that IP using provided username and your SSH key.

ssh <username>@<ip> -i /path/to/your/ssh/key

After logging in, you can execute a few commands to see what you have available there.

kubectl get nodes

kubectl get pods --all-namespaces

And you are done! You are free to play with things, develop your next cool project, or submit ideas or bug reports to make [nolabs] even better until your booking expires.

Once the expiration date approaches, please take backups of any files you will need later on yourself as we do not back them up and can not recover them for you later on.