Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nordix Foundation?

Nordix is an open source foundation for collaboration in the Nordic region.

Nordix Foundation's mission is to encourage the growth of the local open source community, helping people and organizations learn how to benefit from open source innovation and effectively participate in the global open source ecosystem.

More information is available on Nordix Foundation Website.

Visit the Nordix Wiki or subscribe to Nordix Discuss Maillist to ask questions, help others, and get involved.

What is Nordix Open Labs?

Nordix Open Labs [nolabs] is a local collaboration of organisations supporting open source to create an easy to use, common framework to get started with open source technologies. Nordix Open Labs allows you to register and immediately create a Kubernetes, and soon Openstack, environment of your own, from there it's up to you if you build on, contribute to, or simply learn about these new and exciting technologies.

You can subscribe to Nordix Open Labs Maillist to keep yourself updated and get involved.

Who is giving this stuff away for free?

We owe a special thanks to the CityNetwork Team for allowing us to host [nolabs] on their OpenStack powered public cloud and to Ericsson Software Technology for their contributions and expertise in DevOps and GitOps. But the Nordix Foundation and all their members are ultimately responsible for enabling and building [nolabs].

If you get involved and we hope you do, then we will be as thankful to you for giving back to the broader Nordic Open Source development comunity the tools and capabilities offered through [nolabs].

What I can do on Nordix Open Labs?

Nordix labs "click to deploy" framework allows you to immediately get your hands on the latest open source technology directly from the developers who are working on it, there's no need to sit on the sidelines with [nolabs] you can jump right in.

If you want to work on developing new OpenStack, container or other technologies this is a great way to get your feet wet. You can add new open source code using the Nordix Foundation infrastructure and immediately begin to test it on the Nordix Open Labs. Because [nolabs] itself is open source you can help define what it is, and contribute new technologies and stacks to the community.

What does "fair and acceptable usage" mean?

Our [nolabs] community is built around trust, we want to allow people to use these assets and tools for free in order to help people learn and collaborate. We don't want people to take advantage of our sponsors and those that donate to this initiative. In that context fair and acceptable usage is for the purpose of education and collaboration.

Using [nolabs] for the purpose of running commercial applications, other workloads for personal gain, or performing illegal of unethical activities using [nolabs] are not considered acceptable and will result in immediate removal.

Illegal or unethical activities may be reported to the authorities.

What is the relationship between the Nordix Foundation and Nordix Open Labs?

Nordix Open Labs has been established through the efforts of the Nordix Foundation.

Nordix Foundation has the mission of developing open source software and regional competence in open source technologies, Nordix Open Labs has the mission of giving hands on experience and access to open source technologies that may not be available to you.

How long does my open source technology deployment last?

When you spin up a Kubernetes instance, you will get access to the platform in minutes. The lab can be up from one to seven days depending on your needs. As these resources are donated we can't keep them up indefinitely, however we will work with our community to find ways to allow you to take your open source experiences to the next level.

I have other questions!

While we get started we recognize there will be a few unanswered questions, please jump on the Nordix Open Labs Maillist to learn more and get involved.